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About our Naval Shipyard

Chantier Naval Forillon |An experienced team of shipbuilders

 At Chantier Naval Forillon, we firmly believe that every client is entitled to receive a product of the highest quality, delivered on time.

That is why we have assembled a versatile team of more than seventy employees specializing in areas as diverse as welding, mechanics, hydraulics, sanding, electrical systems, carpentry, fibreglass working and painting.

Chantier Naval Forillon also offers a state-of-the-art computer-aided design service to develop the detailed plans you need for the construction or modification of your ship.

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 Chantier Naval Forillon |A history of maritime tradition

Reaching out into the sea and far from the urban centres of Montréal, Quebec City and Trois-Rivières, the Gaspésie region has long been seen as a remote area.But if we look back a bit to the 17th, 18th and 19th centuries, when the main means of transportation was by boat on the rivers and seas, the Gaspésie was actually a busy commercial hub precisely because of its maritime character 1.

Shipbuilding was then a thriving industry.From the conquest of New France 1763 to the end of the 19th century, over 550 ships were built in the shipyards of the Gaspésie. The largest shipyards were located in Sainte-Anne-des-Monts, the Bay of Gaspé and Paspébiac.

The Gaspésie region has thus seen a multitude of ships launched over the years.The majority of these boats were built for the many cod fishermen who frequented the rich Atlantic fishing banks.For example in 1866, the Bay of Gaspé was home to 802 cod fishermen and 477 cod dryers out of a total population of some 3,000 people in dozens of small settlements scattered along the coast.

In addition to boats intended for coastal trade and transportation (known as cabotage), the shipyards also built larger, high-tonnage ships that regularly made the trip to Quebec City or Halifax.

  1.   LabaiedeGaspéetlapêcheàlamorue

Founded in 1952, Chantier Naval Forillon is a part of this important maritime tradition.Then known as the Gaspé Shipbuilding Inc., the Sandy Beach shipyard specialized in the construction and repair of inshore fishing vessels.

Although the naval shipyard changed its name to Chantier Naval Forillon inc. in 1992 and serves a much broader market today, it remains firmly committed to its original purpose: building and repairing safe, well-designed vessels that enable their owners to head to sea with peace of mind.

Forillon Naval Shipyard


In addition to its advantageous geographical site, Chantier Naval Forillon has modern facilities that can handle coastal and ocean-going vessels with displacements of up to 800 tonnes.

Located in the Gaspé harbour, the shipyard is conveniently close to the commercial shipping corridor of the Gulf of St. Lawrence and to the Sandy Beach port.

The facilities at Chantier Naval Forillon – including the workshops, assembly hall and a Crandall-type slipway – make it one of the best-equipped shipyards in Quebec for the construction and repair of ships.The shipyard also has mobile units that enable our team to provide services in other Quebec ports.


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