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M. Bourbonnais VII Ferry – 2014


M. Bourbonnais VII Ferry – 2014

The M. Bourbonnais VII is the latest ship built for the fleet of ferries owned by Traversiers Bourbonnais Inc. Completely redesigned by the naval architecture firm Navtech Inc, the ship meets the company’s evolving needs by reducing fuel consumption and providing more comfort for the crew.

Delivery date: June 2014
Owner: Traversiers Bourbonnais Inc
Vessel type: Ferry
Length: 29.6m
Breath / Beam: 10.35 m
Draught / Depth: 2.90m
Engine: 2 x 261 kW
Number of vehicles: 15 cars OR 1 truck & 4 cars
Number of passengers: 67
Crew: 2
Naval architect: Navtech Inc.

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