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Chantier Naval Forillon

Forillon Shipyard Project Portfolio

Forillon Shipyard| At your service for 60 years!

Over the last sixty years, Chantier Naval Forillon inc. has earned a strong reputation in local markets, particularly when it comes to building and repairing fishing boats.

Today, the shipyard is building on its expertise to diversify, providing new shipbuilding services for the regional and international markets for the barges, tugboats, small ferries, search & rescue lifeboat and fishfarm working boat.

See some of the major projects carried out by our team of professionals!

NGCC Baie de Plaisance - 2017
Executioner - 2016
Dual Venture - 2015
Fundy leader Trawler - 2006
Southern Mariner Crabber and trawler - 2002
Cayman Explorer
FC Mercator - 2008
NISKA I - Ferry
Francis Gespeg 55 - Craber - 2008
Phélyn Crabber - 2005
M. Bourbonnais VII Ferry - 2014
Peter-Fraser Ferry - 2013
Cambridge Bay I and II Barges - 2012
D.L. Stanyar and J.F. Whalen Tugboats - 2014